Sound Design Credits

Most of the sound designs I’ve done have been for live musicals. You’ll notice a glaring gap in activity. As you’ve seen on other pages here, I’ve been busy over the last five years at Columbus State University and I have a wonderful colleague who heads up the sound program.

Here is a list of selected credits:

2008 Heartbeat to Baghdad Sheaberle Theater NY
2007 Johnny Carson School dedication Lincoln NE
Little Women Scheaberle Theater NY
Marat/Sade Scheaberle Theater NY
2006 Cabaret Anzalone Theater NY
2005 A Chorus Line Anzalone Theater NY
Funny Girl Schimmel Ctr./Arts NY
Sweeney Todd Anzalone Theater NY
2004 Into The Woods Schimmel Ctr./Arts NY
In The Blood Scheaberle Theater NY
Tempest Scheaberle Theater NY
Oklahoma Anzalone Theater NY
2001-2005 The Children’s Aid Society Chorus
Resident Sound Designer
New York, NY
1994-1999 Berkeley Carroll School Music Dept.
Resident Sound Designer
Brooklyn, NY